Following on from our guest speakers from the Wetlands Working Group some members asked about what plants are actually indigenous to the Goulburn district.  Member Patricia Mackey has identified these via the Council's website at

There are many natural vegetation communities in Goulburn, ranging from grassland and open woodland, to dry sclerophyll forest.

Within these vegetation communities, there are 14 species of Eucalyptus. These include:

Eucalyptus amplifolia (Cabbage Gum) * Eucalyptus blakelyi (Blakely's Red Gum) * Eucalyptus bridgesiana (Apple Box) * Eucalyptus dives (Broad leaved Peppermint) * Eucalyptus eugenoides (Fine leaved Stringybark) * Eucalyptus globoidea (White Stringybark) * Eucalyptus macroryncha (Red Stringybark) * Eucalyptus mannifera (Red Spotted Gum) * Eucalyptus melliodora (Yellow Box) * Eucalyptus pauciflora (Snow Gum) * Eucalyptus rossii (Inland Scribbly Gum) * Eucalyptus rubida (Candlebark) * Eucalyptus tereticornis (Forest Red Gum) * Eucalyptus viminalis (Ribbon Gum)

This is especially significant for a small local Government area such as Goulburn.

There is also a range of significant individual species within the city, as identified by Rehwinkel (1999). These include:


  • Allocasuarina luehmanii (Bulloak)
  • Aristida behriana (Bunch Wiregrass)

  • Billardiera scandens (Appleberry)

  • Bossiaea prostrata (a bush-pea)

  • Bulbine bulbosa (Bulbine Lily)

  • Calocephalus citreus (Lemon Beauty Heads)

  • Calotis anthemoides (Chamomile Burr-daisy)

  • Craspedia variabilis (Billy Buttons)

  • Cymbonotus refractus (Barbed Wire Grass)

  • Diuris sp. (an unidentified donkey-ear orchid)

  • Erodium crinitum (Blue Heron's-bill)

  • Eryngium rostratum (Blue Devil)

  • Grevillea ramosissima (Fan Grevillea)

  • Helichrysum scorpioides (Button Everlasting)

  • Jacksonia scoparia (Dogwood)

  • Laxmannia gracilis (a lily)

  • Microseris lanceolata (Murrnong)

  • Persoonia chamaepeuce (a geebung)

  • Podolepis jaceoides (Showy Copperwire Daisy)

  • Pterostylis sp. (a greenhood orchid)

  • Stuartina Muelleri (Spoon Cudweed)

  • Thelymitra sp. (a sun orchid)

  • Thysanotus patersonii (Twining Fringe-lily)

Typical local native plant species of the city, include Yellow Box, Blakely's Red Gum, Inland Scribbly Gum, Red Stringybark, Red Spotted Gum, Ribbon Gum, Green Wattle, Early Wattle, Common Fringe Myrtle, Blunt Beard Heath, Sand Grevillea, Hop Bitter Pea, Spiny Mat-rush, Wallaby Grass, Kangaroo Grass, Black-anther Flax Lily, Sticky Everlasting, Common Everlasting, Tufted Bluebell and Native Sarsparilla.